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Scratch Off World Map

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A one of a kind and very unique way of tracking your traveling journey. Not only is this elegant and unique decor to have, It will also motivate you to travel around the world and seek adventure. if you love to travel, this is a must have.

Key Product Features:

  • Original and detailed design - Created by a team of cartography experts. Clean typography,classic matte black background, bold colors, island outlines and flags.
  • Scratch off material- Gold top foil surface, comparable to that of a scratch ticket, with vibrant colors underneath.
  • Track your adventures - Each state is outlined so you can show where you've been or where you would like to go.
  • Bold colors that speak to you - Make your travels stand out. Bold colors highlight your travels and each bordering country has a different color.
  • Unique gift packaging- A charming and easy to open eco-friendly triangular box containing a poster tube inside.